I have never been a girl who was into beauty products other than makeup. Fashion was always my obsession.  I was blessed with good genes, so I have always looked younger than my actual age.  Now in my late thirties I have started to notice the signs of aging set in and I have started to fight the battle.  I have used all the creams and serums and although they help on a daily basis, it was not until discovering The Youth Corridor that I actually got excited about results. When I arrived at the Youth Corridor, it was a totally different experience than any other skin spa I have ever been to. This was not about a one time cleanse, it was about a way of life for my skin.  The Youth Corridor is a Clinic dedicated to anti-aging , offering the most advanced treatments and medically-based services,  led by Dr. Gerald Imber, world-renowned plastic surgeon and anti-aging expert.  Before even laying down on the treatment bed, I had a consultation with their medical esthetician, Denise Bissell.

She went through every detail of my skin care routine.   Details I would have never thought made a difference such as, the temperature of water I use to wash my face and shower, the position I sleep in and if I rub or pat my face to dry it. I went through my concerns and what I thought my problem areas are and Denise entered everything into my profile. This was almost like plotting out my skins career path. It was not just we are going to make you look younger BS that all the creams and treatments claim to do, it was a plan of action for my skin.   It was time to now start the actually treatment.  I lay down on the treatment bed anticipating the usual steam, and then the layering of creams and removal of creams that all my facials have consisted of in the past, but it was nothing like that.   Denise cleansed my skin and did her own examination to verify my concerns and inform me about what she felt the areas to work on are.  From her examination, Denise suggested doing their Signature No Peel Peel  a “concentrated glycolic acid peel that uses a unique and highly effective formula intended to remove dead skin cells instantly making skin more vibrant- -without down time. ” I had never had anything like this before, but was excited to do something different.
 Some light tingles and wipes over my skin with a soft cotton and I was done.  I sat up and looked in the mirror, my face was pink and blotchy and I was a little nervous as how this would actually turn out for my skin.  After 1 hour my face was back to its normal color and you couldn’t tell I had anything done, so naturally I thought nothing of the treatment. But when I woke up the next morning and looked in the mirror I was taken by surprise. My skin was smooth, tight and glowing!  Today marks a week from the treatment and I am still seeing the smooth tight glow.  I never imagined the results I would see from a treatment that was not even 20 minutes.  I honestly feel like I may have found my secret weapon against aging!!! I am looking forward to my next appointment in three weeks to see what the Youth Corridor has in store for my skin next.  Stay tuned…