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“After having two babies in 3 years, I had not updated my wardrobe in quite awhile.  I felt like none of my clothes fit properly, and everything was old.  I was stressed out daily about figuring out what to wear.  I knew I needed an overhaul but was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do it correctly on my own.  Stefanie came in and went through my entire closet.  I tried everything on and she knew instantly if it was a keep or toss.  She was able to focus my new wardrobe so I spent my money on key pieces that fit my current lifestyle.  With Stefanie’s guidance, I now have a new wardrobe that fits well and looks good, and it has taken the stress out of what to wear each day!”

Liz S. New York, New York

“Some people are naturally gifted at what they do and Stefanie is one of those people.  I’ve worked with her numerous times, over numerous seasons, and she has been amazing every step of the way.  From cleaning out and organizing my closet, shopping together and shopping online (she created a Pinterest account so I would get clothing/shoe/jewelry suggestions when she saw something I would like or when we couldn’t get together but I had an event to go to).  She even re-did my husband’s entire wardrobe.  She is great at knowing what I’ll look good in and is able to go through how I should style the item with shoes, jewelry and in multiple ways.  She knows the best places to shop, is aware of budgets that I needed to follow and was a lot of fun to shop with.  I would highly recommend her for any of your style needs.”

Katrina H. –  New York, New York

“I hired Stefanie to help me design a complete wardrobe makeover for my husband. From start to finish, she was personable, accessible, and honest. My husband looks and feels years younger wearing Stefanie’s style selections. With unparalleled attention to detail and flawless taste, Stefanie is a true gem in her field.”

Erin F. – New York, New York

“After I had a baby, my body and lifestyle completely changed. When I met with Stefanie, she went through my closet to see what I had. Surprisingly, I had more things to wear than I thought. It was just knowing how to put them together. Now, I meet with Stefanie a few times a year to update myself. I never thought I could have a personal shopper without spending a ton, but it really is practical with Stefanie.”

Lisa S. – New York, New York